1. If your vehicle is booked in at RPMotors, you must check it has road tax. If your vehicle is untaxed and you fail to mention this to us before we come to collect it there will be a £25 admin charge.
2.Your vehicle must have enough fuel for us to collect & deliver your vehicle back to you & also enough fuel to carry out the work that it’s booked in for. If your vehicle comes to us & a fuel light is on we may refuse to carry out the repairs until sufficient fuel is in the vehicle for us to carry out all jobs on your car including road tests.
3. Please give us at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel your booking.
4. All contents must be removed prior to handing over your vehicle to us. To ensure we can carry out all necessary checks & a thorough inspection of your vehicle.
5. Please leave your locking wheel nut key close to the handbrake or center console before dropping off your vehicle to us. Also ensure that you have received it back in the same place on collection of your vehicle. If it is not found in your vehicle please contact us within 24 hours.
6.Please mention to us any faults or symptoms on your vehicle prior to commencing work in order for us to give you a better service.

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